NBA Playoff 2018 (1st Round breakdown)

April 13, 2018

You Want NBA? You got NBA! The boys are back in town giving you a full on NBA meat sandwich breakdown of all the 1st rd matchups. Of course we have a few jokes thrown in there for your enjoyment at the beginning of the show during pour up catch up but mostly this is a NBA episode. Enjoy the show everyone!!! (we apologize in advance for the abrupt start to the show. Had technical difficulties)


1st episode of “SheS Talk” Podcast

April 3, 2018

This will be a new spinoff version of PYOG dedicated and control by the women of PYOG (CoCo and Lex).No sports or locker room talk but I highly encourage you, fellas, to still tune in to some highly entertaining content and don't sweat it because the guys will be quest spotting on certain episodes later.   On this episode, you will be getting the inside scoop from The Leading Ladies of The Ladies Room Podcast and hear our hosts discuss self-love, marital situations, and some juicy info about Cardi B plus more. The New era of PYOG has begun!!!! Enjoy the Show 


Interracial Imbalance

March 26, 2018

We Back giving you your Cultural Color Commentary on the Now. On this episode, we touch on the Toronto turmoil on big stages. Can they actually be a threat to the King’s palace? Cowboy’s Free agency. Are they approaching FA correctly? We also have a very interesting discussion about interracial dating and how the black athlete is view in such situations. Enjoy the Show every1. Thank you for your support  


Medic Sports and Spouse

March 21, 2018

Today we have a special guest in the building breaking down the responsibilities of being a sports Dr for professional athletes. Also, we touch on the Dallas Cowboys 1st week of free agency.Coco questions the guys on a hair change she's prepping herself for this summer and how we feel about women not wanting to date a guy that's not financially on his feet at the moment  


We going International

March 9, 2018

We have a semi-different special podcast for you today. On this episode, we are showing a lil love to the ladies because we recorded this show on international women's day so it was only right. On the sports side of things we touch on Lebron final 4 teams chooses for free agency-Kobe Oscar-Houston Rockets Temptation. So enjoy the show and thank you all for your support. 



March 3, 2018

This episode we have the Social Goats in the building discussing a variety of things with us.This episode we speaking on paying college athletes-Top 100 alltime NBA players-Lebron GOAT status. Plus Coco Corner where you never know where the conversation will end up at lol.Enjoy the show everyone and thank you for your support.


Episode # 57

February 11, 2018

MotorMouth opens the show with a monologue and the crew interviews artist extraordinaire Aviated Visuals Jabari as he Put us on game on the art scene.  The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and the crew reacts.  Coco speaks on the Superbowl and the show Grownish.  


Episode # 56 Super Bowl Highjinks

February 2, 2018


PYOG back in the building, Tip opens up on his Cowboys, Fitness Entrepreneur Aaron hits to show to talk about his journey from starting in college football,  to injury, to how his business affects the community.  Motor mouth and Tip break down their Superbowl picks, matchups, and what this game means for the legacies of those involved. LBJ going Where??!!!! The crew reacts to the latest rumor circling the King.  Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!

Tip cowboys talk 1.20-20:009
Arron interview 21.00-42:10
Super bowl breakdown 42.56-1:11
Lbj gsw rumors 1:12-1.29


Episode # 55 Comedians, Drafts, and Grammys

January 26, 2018


In this episode Coco takes aim at Monique in her opening monulouge,  the crew discuss her status in comedy, Grammy interest, and the Allstar draft results.  Tip and RES draft their own teams fromthe all stars and break down trade moves.  Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!

Coco intro 0.38-6:20
Group Monique talk 6:45-23:45
Grammy 24:00-48:30
Nba all star roster 49:00-1:26
Nba trade moves 1:27-1:42


Episode # 54 Doll Fights

January 19, 2018

RES opens up the show on his one of his favorite movies relates to an icon.  Coco updates the crew on what's going on in social media, misrepresentation of sexual assault in the  entertainment industry and the controversial sex doll.  Tip and MM react to an epic NFL playoff weekend, and the gang responds to NBA fights breaking out.  Kick back and relax as the team Puts You On Game!!!