Cowboy’s Kickoff Special (SportCast)

August 13, 2018

Football is HERE! So its time to fully dive in. On this episode Tip and Meech discuss their beloved Cowboy's Fate for the upcoming season. Also, we have a New friend of the show that we will introduce. Enjoy the show everyone  

Urban America

August 3, 2018

PYOG Fam we have 1 complete show for you on this installment. We officially got football so of course we are touching on that!  We are also talking about the Blake Griffen child support settlement expressing our unique on the matter and the unfortunate situation going down in Ohio involving Urban Meyer. Plus a lot more PYOG banter. Enjoy the Show and thank you for the support.

Speedy Pete

August 1, 2018

What up PYOG listeners. This episode we are just kickin it hard in the studio with a couple of stories during pour up and catch up that you might find entertaining. We also touch on Jerry Jones strong stance he have regarding the National Anthem. We also discuss our different opinion about Rkelly new 20min song. Enjoy the show  

Kawhi/Demar SPortScasT

July 20, 2018

What up PYOG FAM!! This week we are talking about the big offseason NBA trade between Toronto and San Antonio. Who won the trade, Is Kawhi going to Stay in the SIX? Are the Spurs better off now? Also, we Talk about TO induction into the Hall of Fame and how he's going about it. Is he right for not showing up for the Ceremony? Lock in to find out all the answer PYOG style!! enjoy the show 

He’s Human (SportScasT)

July 6, 2018

Lebron Lands in LA!!!  For this episode,We discuss in detail what this move mean to the NBA and his career. Did he do it for the wrong reason, will he ever win in LA.One thing we did find out is Lebron is Human LOL!  Listen while we Put you on Game. Enjoy the show 

Scorpion Strike

July 6, 2018

We got our friends of the program (The Takeover team) in the building discusing the Drake album with us. We here to debate does it deserve all the fanfare it has gotten this past week. We also discuss the 1st episode of power the PYOG way. ALSO,The Takeover Team breakout a HUGE announcement on our show

FatPimP Interview

June 26, 2018

It was PYOG’S honor to have FatPimP,THE PRINCE of Dallas, co-owner of KOD one of the HOTTEST gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas.Catch our interview with him and hear his story on how he got into rapping and also how he gain an interest in acting.He also put our listeners on game about how we all can help out our own communities by investing money and time into them. And of coarse you already know he bless the mic with a few bars at end. Enjoy the show 

Mini Solo Podcast featuring funny Man Meech “Bad DaD”

June 19, 2018

It’s the bad dad podcast Father’s day special replay. Fellas, we finally got us a voice!!, We filing our complaints and ladies we don’t care what U 🤔. Guaranteed 😂 if ur in a Relationship‼️
In this episode, we showing love ❤️ to Dads all over the world 🌎. Plus, we letting these ladies know they need to “put some moe respect on our off days” and We busting your bladder with a Hilarious Dad story! B.a.D.a.D podcast/PYOG/

PYOG “She TalkS” Episode Four

June 19, 2018

“On the latest episode of She Talks, Coco, Blaixze and their guest star, Brittney deeply discussed common relationship advice and problems that occur (or can occur) throughout relationships. Are some of these problems that us women face with our partners worth sticking around for? Will he change?  Can we be cool with their baby mommas??🤔 Tune In to to hear their independent views on these topics and more!! ✊🏾

Bullet Blanco Interview

June 15, 2018

We got a very special guest (Bullet Blanco) and friend of the show in the Building talking about his latest projects and how it feels to be on the breaking point of poping in the hip-hop game. He talks about being listed on the top new ATL artist list, working with legendary producers and having a strong team behind him. During the show we also let you hear two exclusive tracks only you can find on our show.