Put You On Game Podcast

LBJ is a Cowboy (SportsCast)

April 20, 2018

Hey, Listeners, We are proud to present to you an entirely different listening experiences. We are now segmenting the podcast into two different listening exposures. If you are here just to listen to the weekly color cultural commentary with the PYOG crew you can experience that with 1 complete shorter episode. If you want to hear our latest sports takes when the convo is mainly dominated by the fellas of PYOG, you can check out the weekly PYOG sports podcast. Both shows will have the traditional pour up and catch up segment at the beginning so if you are listening to both don't be alarmed if they start off the same way(just fast-forward 10-15min if you already heard it) 

OK! let's talk about this episode. The new NFL schedules release while we are on air and Tip and Meech have a few disagreements on where the Cowboys currently stand heading into the 2018 season. We also dive into the incredible game 2 Lebron had to keep the Cavs in their series. During Motormouth assessment of the game, we had a PYOG listener call in and express his thought about the KING and how he's portrayed throughout the media