New Year New US

January 14, 2019

PYOG presents the newest member of @strongphyisquez...@Areli_Mancillas....Don’t confuse her for an IG model.....Burn Critical Care Nurse, Entrepreneur, Fitness Model/Trainer, and Spokespersons for @elevatedmindsetapparel!!!! 

....It’s that time of year again.....Gym memberships are booming, you actually being baking the chicken instead of frying it, ya boo got u that fit bit u wanted for Christmas.......You Ready.....New Year.....New You....and most of all.A new episode of PYOG....Gone start u off right by putting u on the latest fitness trends with our special guest for the week


Big Daddy Factd

December 18, 2018
. Disclaimer: episode starts off with technical difficulties so it begins in the middle of the convo 
Join in for the P.Y.O.G. experience with Tip and Funny Man Meech and they dive into the Cowboys Week 14 pivotal victory vs. the Eagles along with a 🔥🔥🔥 Interview with Big Daddie the D.J. putting them on game of how he turn a simple hobby into a Successful Business!! Don’t miss it!! 

Great Jill Scott GoldenState!

November 16, 2018

It's been an interesting week in sports and entertainment and we are here to discuss it all. of course, we will express our opinion about the viral sensation Jill Scott phantom fellatio experience. Also, we will touch on what's going on in Silicon Valley with the NBA defending Champs. Is the core 4 about to separate? a lot more between those topics so enjoy the show  


Trick or Trade

November 2, 2018

The PYOG Gang is back with another installment of what we do! Hitting you with a unbias truth about sports and the culture. on this episode, we talk about the NFL trade deadline activity,DRose vintage performance, and Eric Reid position on social injustice. Also a lot of more topic in-between thing. Hope you enjoy the show 


2 Live Crew (Rickey Latt interview)

October 26, 2018

This podcast is giving you a completely different vibe with a 30-minute uninterrupted 30 motormouth NBA 1st week. after that Funnyman Meech joins the show which makes us the 2 live crew talking NBA/NFL our funny but informative way. We close the show out with a short interview with one the best hip-hop/Souls talents coming out the South name Rickey Latt. He stops by our show to promote his upcoming gig at the Dallas House of Blues 


NBA Cuffing Season

October 19, 2018

NBA season is Back Baby!! That means your guys are back talking Bball the way you like it. Its also another season we are in. That's season is known as cuffing season. PYOG is here to define the true meaning of cuffing season. Ladies, you might be shocked when you find out but at least we put you on Game. 


Bad Dad (episode 2)

October 16, 2018

Funny Man Meech is back on his Solo Tip putting you on Game the only way he know how. Being a Bad Dad. on this podcast he talking about his day to day experience with white folks, the jimmy drama in Minny and his Cowboys. Enjoy the show everybody


Wrong again (SportCast)

October 8, 2018

Back at it to discuss the aftermath of the Lil Wayne LP. Also, we discuss the cowboys 1st quarter so far spreading a little blame pie around. Plus give you a preview of the upcoming NBA season. enjoy the show 


You have now Enter Tha Carter (SportCast)

September 28, 2018

On this podcast, we discuss our expectation lvl about the long awaiting comeback album from Lil Wayne. Also, we dive into week4 of the NFL and talk about the upcoming NBA season. Enjoy the show, everyone. 


Oldie but Goodie

September 20, 2018

Hey PYOG Fam we dropping this episode a bit late but its still pretty dope. checkout the PYOG gang as we pour up and catch and chat about what going on in the culture. Enjoy the show!!!!